Document Translation

e Facilities Management and Solutions is a multilingual translation agency which offers

document translation legal translation website translation medical translation financial translation technical translation Desktop Publishing in Indian and foreign languages.

The Translation service is at present being offered for the following languages:
  • Arabic translation
  • Hindi translation
  • Bosnian translation
  • Marathi translation
  • Gujarati translation
  • Chinese Simplified,ChineseTraditional translation
  • Tamil translation
  • Croatian translation
  • Malayalam translation
  • Danish translation
  • anskrit translation
  • Dutch translation
  • Telugu translation
  • Finnish translation
  • Bengali translation
  • French translation
  • Punjabi translation
  • German translation
  • Urdu translation
  • Ukranian translation
  • Vietnamese translation
  • Greek translation
  • Sindhi translation
  • Hebrew translation
  • Oriya translation
  • Hungarian translation
  • Kannada translation
  • Indonesian translation
  • Assamese translation
  • Italian translation
  • Japanese translation
  • Korean translation
  • Norwegian translation
  • Polish translation
  • Portuguese translation
  • Russian translation
  • Serbian translation
  • Slovenia translation
  • Spanish translation
  • Swedish translation

e Facilities Management and Solutions employs only the best and experienced translators in its organisation. We take pride in offering the best services since we at e Facilities Management and Solutions know that even a small error in communication can make or break a contract.

The translation service has no fixed charges since the cost depends entirely on the content and volume of the data provided by you.

In case of specific needs for example translation from French to German translation, kindly get in touch with us and we would let you know on the availability from time to time.

e Facilities Management and Solutions will be adding more languages in the near future.

Contact us for a no-obligation, FREE translation qoute.

For further details about our services, please contact us at Email: